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Volunteers important to success of Orpheum

Community support is essential to the Orpheum’s survival. This is not only done through the generous support of our donors, but also through the outstanding efforts of the Wichita Orpheum volunteers. That’s right – volunteers. The people escorting you to your seats, popping popcorn, taking tickets, and mixing drinks are all volunteers from our community.…

Mystery Dress

When your business is almost 90-years-old, items from the past occasionally surface. Last week was no different! In a bag of clothing that was donated to Music Theatre, a very special beige dress with the Orpheum logo on it was discovered.  A volunteer recognized the logo and brought it to the Orpheum for inspection. We…

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Things Worth Doing

Mae West, the famous Vaudeville actress and comedienne once said “Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.” When it comes to restoration of historic buildings with architectural significance, the Orpheum Theatre is no exception.  The fact is that it has been a long and slow process of clean up beginning in the early 1980s to…

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