Technical Specifications


  • Auditorium: 678
  • Mezzanine: 245
  • Balcony: 358
  • Total: 1,281


  • 40 feet wide by 30 feet deep (31 feet from Center Stage line to Stage Left, stage house wall & 35 feet from Center Stage line to Stage Right, stage house wall)
  • Proscenium is 42 feet tall
  • Four (4) sets of strip lights
  • One (1) set of footlights, red, blue and white

Two Travelers

  • One maroon main act (from original Orpheum)
  • One black mid stage traveler
  • Black legs on stage right and stage left
  • Black backdrop upstage
  • Fly loft has 14 available pipes to fly


  • Road Show box, 200 amps three-phase 120/208
  • Road Show box, 600 amps three phase 120/208


  • 2 Reel-to-Reel Brenkert 100s – 35mm Film Projectors with Flat and Scope Lenses
  • Kodak Ectographic 16mm Film Projector
  • Eiki Digital LCD Projector
  • DVD Player
  • VHS Player


  • One screen available 20 feet high
  • 38 feet wide 125 feet from projector


  • With almost perfect acoustics, sound naturally fills the whole theatre
  • We have a small PA, no other house sound at this time
  • Sound is run from the stage to the last two center rows of auditorium


  • Overhead stage lighting
  • Two trees placed in the balcony at both sides in front
  • No cove lights or truss in house

We look forward to seeing you at the Orpheum!