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Set in 1882, a mysterious fugitive seeks out his revenge on the person who landed him in prison.  His tracking skills lead him to the quiet, peaceful town of Wichita, KS.  Otherwise referred to as The Cowtown, Wichita as a community is well aware of it’s own growth and is beginning the ascent from small farm village to a cross-cultural industrial metropolitan, which ultimately lends our principle characters the backdrop it needs to blend in with the changing landscape of the city.

Jesse, a nomadic drifter, takes up residence at a farmstead on the outskirts of the city and quickly develops relationships with the widow Ruth and the sisters Samantha and Mary.  What first appears like a colloquial family-upbringing unravels an underground crime syndicate living under the guise of the local business community.  While Jesse seeks to confront some of the townspeople, a bounty hunter is employed to track the whereabouts of the mysterious man in black.  As the backstory of each character unfolds,  a web of circumstance leads  Jesse, the mysterious fugitive, the townspeople, and the bounty hunter to find out there’s far more than meets the eye in this sleepy Cowtown.

This cat-mouse-cat noir will keep everyone guessing until the last scene on who’s really who they say they are. The film explores the nature of identity, the powerful ego functions of revenge, and the ever-present events of the past as they conform the events of the present.  

This film is intended for mature audiences.

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