School of Rock

It’s not everyday the historic Orpheum Theatre opens its classroom doors to over 700 middle school students from USD 259.  The lesson for the day?  Rock ‘n’ Roll and financial literacy! No, that wasn’t a typo, the two subjects have a connection and the nationally known Wichita band Gooding is the perfect teacher.

Gooding is “[s]oul-stirring, foot-stomping Rock ‘n’ Roll from the plains. With 750 shows in 157 cities, this LA-based/Kansas bred power trio is by far one of the hardest working bands in America.”

The lesson for Friday, September 29, 2011 was financial literacy and how important it is in life, even when you are a rock star.

Lead singer and Wichitan Steve Gooding developed this program to help kids understand that being financially literate is an important skill and is necessary for making good choices with your money.

Beginning with a few hit songs, local students heard real-life experiences of how the decisions we make about managing our money can make a significant positive or negative impact on our lives. No matter our profession, financial literacy is important, even to rock stars.

Hours later, hundreds of excited and happy kids poured out of the Orpheum Theatre!  A win-win in many regards. A State of Kansas educational curriculum requirement for financial literacy was met and the kids enjoyed a great show.

For us, one other significant benefit from this day rings clear. Almost all of those kids had never been to the historic, downtown Orpheum Theatre before. It was their first time to see the magnificent proscenium, the Spanish building facades, the blue sky and twinkling stars.

For us, this was a gold-star day!  Any day with children at the Orpheum Theatre is a good day!

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